Wine Ark provides an extensive range of perfectly stored vintage wine sourced from thousands of Wine Ark’s storage clients nationally.


Buying wine from the Wine Ark Marketplace is a little different than buying from other online wine retailers. Firstly the wine is not ours, it belongs to our clients! Wine is listed directly out of our storage client’s accounts and available for viewing within the Marketplace.

You are able to view, with absolute confidence, the history and provenance of the wine. This ensures that you are making an educated decision on the wines age, condition and history. This is all culminated within the Wine Ark Provenance Program.

As a point of reference. When the wine is sold and removed from the vendors account it needs to be “transferred” to another storage account to complete the change of ownership – hence you are required to have a Wine Ark managed storage account. Don’t worry – this is only to transact the wine (unless you wish to continue to store it), and can be done online once and IT’S FREE. It only takes a few minutes.