About Wine Ark

Winemakers have known for centuries that the most interesting wine flavours are only unlocked by time. It’s why they put wine in straight-sided bottles – so it can be laid down undisturbed, for many years and matured.

The rewards for the patient are rich. The wine becomes softer, better balanced and far more complex. If left long enough, the bottle will produce an entirely different drink.

Established in 1999, Wine Ark is Australia’s largest and most recommended wine storage provider. State-of-the-art storage facilities have set international benchmarks and allowed Wine Ark to develop one of the most respected brands within the industry.

With over two million bottles of wine in our cellars, stored for clients located in over forty countries, there are few other businesses in Australia with more experience when it comes to collecting, storing and managing premium wine. Wine Ark currently operates 15 centres nationwide.

Wine Ark forms part of the National Storage REIT group, Australia’s first publicly listed independent and fully integrated owner and operator of self-storage centres in Australia.

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