Why Choose Wine Ark

Why choose Wine Ark?

Wine experts – we’re passionate about wine

At Wine Ark, we love wine – we live and breathe it – so you can bet that we’ll take good care of your wine


We are the largest professional wine storage provider in Australia, storing over 2 million bottles of wine for wine lovers and wine connoisseurs from across 40 countries.

Our state-of-the-art climate controlled cellars are specially designed for the long-term storage of wine, to help it mature it its full potential.

We designed a Provenance Program so that both sellers and buyers can independently confirm the provenance of aged wine with certainty and confidence.

Expert Knowledge & Discovery

At Wine Ark we offer more than wine storage. Our team have a combined 45+ years of experience in the wine industry – making them perfectly placed to safeguard your wine as well as enrich your wine journey and discovery. As wine lovers ourselves, we love to share our passion with our customers, many of whom have become friends.

At Wine Ark we run regular wine tastings and wine appreciation courses, and our famous annual champagne gala where over 70 top champagnes are available to taste. We bring in skilled winemakers to give you masterclasses in the wines they’ve produced.

Our connections in the wine industry mean that we are able to share our new wine discoveries with you, before they hit the mainstream.


Our storage facilities are managed by a dedicated team who understand and care about wine. Your can be sure that your wine is handled with care.

We’re the only wine storage provider to offer a dedicated wine trading platform to our customers. The Wine Ark Marketplace enables customers to buy and sell wine that they have stored with us. Traded wine is moved to the buying customer’s account and doesn’t have to physically move until the customer is ready to drink it.