Customer Testimonials

"I just wanted to write and say thanks so much for the wonderful customer service we have received to date. Andrew was so thankful to the guys who collected the wine yesterday, they went above and beyond. They had arrived early and everyone was out, the builders were there but the front wire door was locked, meaning the only access was around the side of the house. It was a bit of a trek but there were no complaints, it wasn’t a problem for your guys at all. Please pass on our thanks. "

Georgina - B

"Dear Phil, The wine has been received - all very smooth. My experience with wine Ark over the last 2 years has been very good, so a big thank you to you and your team. I will of course be using you again in the future and will have no hesitation in recommending Wine Ark to any of my friends who might require wine storage services in Australia. Thanks and kind regards, Michael"

Michael D

"Just a quick note to say that the wines arrived at the hotel in perfect condition. I appreciate your assistance with this request and look forward to working with you again. I find Wine-Ark's service to be superb!"


"You guys really do run an excellent business."

Mr. Ian W.

"Many thanks for your excellent service and attention over the years. I have been using your facility since 2003 and couldn't be any happier."


"In this age of fast 'everything' and bruising egos it was a pleasure to work with efficient and such well mannered people."

John B.

"Thanks for organising such a great tasting last night and also for arranging for 3 bottles of the Grand Reserve Merlot for my brother-in-law's 50th. It is greatly appreciated, and once again demonstrates to me the professionalism and attitude of Wine-Ark. Very impressive."

Mr. Peter R.

"Just wanted to say a huge thanks for getting my wine down from Queensland. Mark, who was at the facility when I went to unpack it, was extremely pleasant and helpful. The whole process was easy and smooth from my point of view. My husband and I have cracked (open) about six bottles now, and with at least eight years on all of them they taste very very good!"

Samantha T.

"Everything went well and gift was delivered on time. He loves it and says it works really well (SoWine). I will be going online soon to order one for myself. Again, thank you so much for the extra care taken for the delivery."

Ms. Ros E.

"Just a short note to say how impressed I was by the way in which the pick-up and storage was handled. Nothing was a problem; everyone was extremely courteous and professional. Please pass on my regards to Phil and the team."

Mr Paul H.

"Once again, a big "thank you" to you for assisting me so magnificently in arranging for the delivery of my wines up here to Brisbane. Not a single bottle was lost or damaged."

Mr. Ben J.

"Just wanted to say how appreciative I am that this has been such an easy process. Sadly it's becoming increasingly rare to deal with services provisioning companies that make life easier, rather than adding to the complexity and frustration of everyday life. My compliments again to your and Wine-ark's service!"

Anthony B.

"Thanks for the induction and tour yesterday, done with great professionalism."

Mr. Stewart L.

"Thank you for your professionalism and help in sourcing the wines I required. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to further encounters."

Mr. M. Wallace

"I would like to say to you first of all, that we have been really impressed with Wine Ark as an organisation and especially your Brunswick staff. They are always friendly and have gone out of their way to deliver our wine whenever requested! So, thanks for everything you have done so far, and we are more than happy to continue storing our wine with you."


"Just wanted to let you know we have picked up my wines from Embleton (transfer from Sydney to Perth), James and Lee were great and the facilities there are fantastic. I will be sure to spread the word about how great Wine Ark is for wine storage."

Matt C.

"Visited your facility at Chatswood on Saturday, and was most impressed with your staff and premises."


"I just wanted to send an email of appreciation for the outstanding service I received from Mark. I returned to Sydney for a business trip recently and needed to quickly source aged wine. The challenge was an 8 hour window prior to a flight. He managed to help me overcome some payment processing difficulties, think outside the box on the delivery and get it all done such that you secured business you would not have otherwise gotten and the good will of a very happy customer who will retell the story of the outstanding service at Wineark many times in the years to come. It's the little things like that that cumulate to great service businesses. Thanks again Mark, and congratulations Wineark on great customer services worth writing to the company about."


"Thank you very much for the invitation to the St Hallett wine tasting night. It was a great evening with Stuart Blackwell at Wineark. Having Stuart explain his wines provided context to each glass. Sharing this with others that appreciate his wines made the evening even more enjoyable, the front (tasting) room is a great place for this. Thank you for the enjoyable evening."

Grant A

"As ever, thanks very much for your excellent service. Incidentally, we now live in Hong Kong."


"Unlucky we did not have the time to have a toast before my departure. I want just to tell you that Laura and I really enjoyed your courtesy and kindness during our stay in Sydney. I am sure that sometimes while opening a bottle of wine we will remember our vault at Wine-Ark. Both of you are very nice guys and should you ever cross our beautiful town (Torino) in the future, do not hesitate to write an e-mail to us and we will have some good wine together."


"This is fantastic, and such quick service! Many thanks, I will organize some wine to come into the unit next week. Thanks again."

Ms. Erin O.

"I just wanted to send you an email to let you know I received the package (Le Nez du Vin) today... I would also like to add how pleased I have been with my experiences using wine-ark. From the very beginning you have been very professional, helpful and speedy with your responses to my emails. I will definitely recommend you to others! Keep up the great work."

Udit B.

"Got everything. Thanks guys! Enjoyed the professionalism as I've stored my wines with you over the years."

Mike G.

"I am most impressed with the ease and efficiency of the full online process. Congratulations to all those involved a fantastic effort!"

Alex B.

"Thanks very much for all of your efforts and time. You have shown the highest level of diligence, promptness and effectiveness. Sometimes such efforts go unappreciated, not in this case! Please forward this email onto your superiors, as I could not be happier with the service I have received from you."

Mr. Matthew

"Just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for all of your help with this order (Le Nez du Vin) - it arrived yesterday in time for my husband's birthday this coming weekend. Your service and customer support was excellent."

Shannon C.

"Just wanted to say that all went very smoothly today getting my wine into Wine Ark at Chatswood. The staff were a great help and I was in and out in no time."

John P.

"Wow – many thanks!!!!! Thanks to you also for answering all of my silly questions about wine over the years!
I can't wait to
a) have my own cellar, and
b) be closer to the homes of Australian wine!!!
All the best to you, and you can be sure of one thing, I have raved about Wine-Ark as a business over the years as it has been a great investment for me."

Peter H.

"Thanks for your intervention, we made it happen! You are great to deal with. Many thanks."

Rhonda A.

"Thanks for all your assistance with getting a wine storage locker set up.
...Jacob and Nicki were a pleasure to deal with. Jacob dealt with my inquiry, knew I was coming and went through the paperwork in a friendly, professional manner, as well as taking the time to show me around the facility and the after-hours access, then making sure I was comfortable with the security systems in place and their operation. Whilst Jacob was processing the paperwork, Nicki took the time to show me how to set up the combination padlock in a friendly and courteous manner. The service they provided was excellent and certainly above expectations!"


"Thank you for your reply. Great customer service, also I received my first order today. Excellent service, look forward to buying more from here."

Tony L.

"The move went really well (transferring from competitor). The boys were absolutely fabulous and a great help. Please pass on my best regards and a big THANK YOU again to both of them."

Steven S.

"All good and many thanks for your excellent service over several years."

W. D.

"Dear Phil,
Cases arrived bright and early this morning. Thanks to you and your staff for your efficiency."

D. K.

"Just letting you know the fridge arrived yesterday morning safe & sound, and after allowing it to 'settle', I turned it on this afternoon and loaded it up with wine... just wonderful...Thanks again."

Peter W.

"This cellar statement is very professional accounting of my holding movements and balance. Well done."

Peter D.

"Good morning John. I have decided to follow your advice and start consuming the cellar. Once again, my thanks for your very professional support."

Jon B.

"Just a quick note to say thanks for your assistance and understanding with doing wine account transfers and inventories for me. Have a great Christmas and New Year."

Garry R.

"Rodney did a great job last week with our wine (800 bottles) and I would like to thank you both for your efficient service. Many thanks."

Sally C.

"Dear Team,
The wines look excellent. Your fast response is highly appreciated and recommended."

Alvin C.

"Dear Mark,
Thank you for the very efficient withdrawal of 20 bottles on Saturday. The dinner went brilliantly with the wines of the night being declared as the 1994 Wynn's Michael Shiraz and the 1994 St Hallett Old Block. The 1990 Mesach was slightly funky and perhaps Brett tainted. We didn't end up opening the 2002 Greenock Creek Apricot Block. Thank you again."

Luke B

"Angus, What a superb night. Thanks to you, Dean and the team. Great concept (single bottle dinner) and blessed with some extraordinary wines. It was very good of you to produce your well travelled and treasured burgundy which was superb. The French stole the night on white and red for me, but the Hunter and Margaret River aged reds and whites were amazing. Well done."

Andrew W.

"Thanks for your email re Wine Club membership. Ash and the delivery man were very helpful in arranging the withdrawal from storage. Please pass on my thanks to them."

Peter P.

"Mark, Thank you for your prompt response. I suspected the reason was in accordance with your explanation. Once again, thank you for responding in such a timely manner. I am completely satisfied with the service I have received from Wine Ark to date."

David M.

"Dear Angus,
Joanne and I would very much like to thank you and Dean Taylor for the opportunity to present our wines to your Wine-Ark clients. It was indeed an eye-opener to see just how beautifully organised the whole affair was. Indeed, having sufficient staff to control the pouring and giving each company the opportunity to present was very much appreciated, not only by us but obviously by your clients as well, and then to have a summary from yourself really did complete a very good opportunity. Once again, thank you and Dean for a very special occasion. Kindest regards,"

Jim Irvine, Irvine Wines

"All good now. Many thanks for taking the time to sort out the problem.... I can now login and savour my small treasure. Fantastic service to you and the team at Wine Ark."

Mr. L. E.

"As I had such a good night last night at the tasting I have decided to upgrade my membership of Wineark to the collector level. Thanks a lot."

Alison W.

"Thanks for your assistance yesterday with the Ingoldby. Being a customer service professional myself, I appreciate good service. Your dealings were prompt, personable and efficient."

Mr. A. Brown

"Thanks very much for inviting us to last Thursday's Mount Mary tasting evening at Hawthorn. It was one of the best such events I have attended because it was an intimate gathering, Sam Middleton was very passionate yet open and easy to talk to about his wines, and best of all the wines were very impressive. Once again, thanks for a great evening. "

Ken D.