Managed Cellarage

Wine Ark’s Managed Cellarage combines the benefits of off-site climate controlled storage with a range of cellar services.

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Benefits of managed cellarage:


Each case of wine placed into managed cellarage is inspected, catalogued and labelled with your own unique identification barcode. Your inventory is then uploaded into the online cellar management system. As each case is added or removed from your collection, your records are automatically updated, so you always know the state of your cellar.


Whenever you’d like to check on your wine, there’s no need to go downstairs with a torch. Instead, log in to your Wine Ark collection online and peruse your personal wine inventory. You can even select the wines you wish to collect, sell or have delivered to your home. Delivery and collection services operate daily.


Storage fees are charged monthly and vary according to the number of cases stored. The more cases stored, the more cost-effective managed cellarage becomes. To cover the costs of managing your wine, there are handling fees, charged per bottle, both in and out of storage.

Other benefits unique to Wine Ark include:

  • you only pay for the space you use
  • your wine is automatically insured for its replacement value
  • the ability to sell your wine via our Wine Ark Marketplace online trading system
  • we can receipt your wine deliveries and purchases

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