Le Nez du Vin? What is it?

Le Nez du Vin (The Nose of Wine) is the ultimate tool to train and develop your sense of smell, creating a common language to help describe and understand wine.

We are taught to read, write and count, why not smell? You can practice your sense of smell at any age and exploring the delights of wine tasting is a marvellous motivation.

Le Nez du Vin is acknowledged as a reference manual and is used for wine education by wine trade professionals and amateurs alike all over the World.

What is Le Nez du Vin?

Le Nez du Vin is a collection of small glass phials containing the pure essence of certain fruits, flowers and spices found in wine. Not only the positive aromatics there are also scents of all the major wine faults and types of oak.

Why would I use Le Nez du Vin?

How many times has an aroma escaped you? Been “right on the tip of your tongue” yet you are unable pick it. Use the Le Nez du Vin to train your nose to match, link and communicate the aromas from the glass?
Le Nez du Vin will help you with your knowledge and appreciation of wine.

The product range consists of:

Grand Edition (54 aromas)
Red+White Duo (24 aromas)
White Wine (12 aromas)
Red Wine (12 aromas)
Faults in Wine (12 odours)
Oak Influence (12 aromas)

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