Managed Storage Relocation FAQs

Why and where are you moving the wine?

We are very excited to announce a brand-new National Storage building and Wine Ark cellar at 82 Holmes St, Brunswick (Coburg). As we have outgrown the current Brunswick site and facilities soon need replacing, it made logical sense to look for a new home. The purpose built new site is only 3km away with easier access and internal undercover parking.


Can I keep my wine at the old Brunswick cellar?

Unfortunately not, once all the wine has been relocated we will de commissioning the chilling systems.


What about private vaults?

All wine storage will have a new home at Coburg, including private vaults. The initial phase is the relocation of managed cellarage. Once this is completed, we will commence fitting out the new vault area. We will be in touch further down the track with more detailed information. At this stage it is business as usual for private vault clients at Dawson Street.


When are you moving the wine?

The plan is to start the relocation from early July 2024, of course we will ensure you are all kept up to date when the process commences.


How long will it take?

We anticipate that we can move the entire managed cellar in approximately four weeks.


Can I access my wine during the relocation process?

We envisage that each client will be unable to access their wine for a period of no longer than seven to fourteen days. Ideally, we would prefer you don’t place any orders on your cellar for the whole relocation period. Hence, we suggest if you require any wine out over this period to put a pick in the system over the coming weeks. Of course, you are still able to have new wine sent to the existing Brunswick cellar during this period, we will not stop accepting deliveries.


When do I change the delivery address for new deliveries?

We will let you know once the relocation is complete, from that date forward you will be able to send to the new address of Wine Ark Coburg, 82 Holmes St, Coburg. Until that time, please continue to use the 60 Dawson Street, Brunswick address.


Do I need to do anything?

No – nothing for you to do at all!


How are you going to prepare my wine for relocation?

Cases will be removed from shelves and checked against the records in our cellar management system. They will then be placed on a pallet with all your wine ready for relocation.


What precautions are you taking to ensure the safety of my wine during the move?

All boxes will be placed on a pallet and checked for the structural integrity of both the case itself and the tape holding the box closed. If these are required to be repacked or retaped these would be done at our expense. Once on the pallet, the wine will be shrink wrapped in black security wrap by a dedicated wrapping machine, the wrapping will then be further secured with security tape. Once the pallet is prepared a thermal pallet cap will be placed on top to further ensure its safety from the elements.


What temperature or humidity requirements do you have in place during transit?

We will have a dedicated refrigerated truck for the entire duration of the move. This will be held at the same temperature as the cellars.


Can I transport my wine myself?

Unfortunately not, all wine will be handled and transported by our staff.


Will my wine be insured during the relocation process?

Yes, all the wine in managed storage will continue with the existing insurance during the relocation process.


Are there any additional fees or charges associated with relocating my wine?

No – there will be no fees or charges associated with the relocation.


Have you done this sort of relocation before?

Yes, the existing Wine Ark team have a great deal of experience in the relocation of large cellars such as this. A previous cellar in Melbourne and one in Queensland.


What if my wine is listed for sale?

If you have wine listed on the marketplace during the relocation these listings will be temporarily locked and then returned for sale once the process is complete.